Uncorking Argentina: why Mendoza is more than Malbec…

Today I got sick with a stomach bug! I’m so annoyed at myself, but before I had to run to the bathroom with my hand over my mouth and then be driven back to the gorgeous Club Tapiz I did get to learn an awful lot about the family-run winery, Hacienda del Plata in wine district Luján de Cuyo. Handsome winemaker Pablo Gonzalez showed us photos of his family spanning several generations, all of whom have worked or still work on the land!

The vineyard is stunning, and today was a bright blue sky day which made everything look even more sharp and colourful.

Here’s our hostess with the mostess, Kendra from the brilliant Uncorking Argentina. She’s our guide for the next few days and is so fun!  Uncorking Argentina organises specialised trips, whereby you tell the lovely ladies what you want to experience in the region and they make it happen. Kendra is like the wine tour wizard of Mendoza, pulling a bit of this and a bit of that into her magic cauldron to create the perfect spell, which will inevitably make you fall in love with the place she calls home.

After I’d gone home to sleep off my sickness, the crew went to Carmelo Patti, a small rustic winery that does no marketing and everything by word of mouth. Impressive eh.?The owner Carmelo here had a delivery order from Russia, from a group of guys who love him so much that they actually printed his face on a bunch of t-shirts. They sent him one, to scare him… I mean compliment him.

After this… the crew went to Renacer, where Autumn met this lovely guide who was hired after she guessed what kind of wine was thrown under her nose by the property owner at a party (talk about thinking on the spot!)…

… and the party was thrown by this man, who used to live in New York but returned to manage his father’s vinyard, (wasn’t there a movie like this, starring Russell Crowe?)

Gutted I wasn’t there for all of this. There are lots more stories from today as witnessed by Autumn but her photos will have to be enough for now, and hopefully I can report more myself tomorrow! I can report that my tummy is now feeling a lot better…. bring on the horse riding in Mendoza!