Understanding the U.S government shutdown (or not)…

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 10.24.02 AMI’m so confused about this U.S Government shutdown that I just went onto a CHILD’S news site to see how it was explained to them. Gotta say, this site makes things a lot clearer. I was like “hmmmm”, and “oh yes,” and “Oh, now I see.” the whole way through, whereas when anyone talks about it on the telly I’m all, “What??? They’re shutting the Statue of Liberty? How are they going to find a black blanket big enough to cover that up and pretend it’s not there when all the Japanese tourists come by and ask to take photos??”

I think the Democrats and the Republicans should read this website too, in case they don’t actually know what they’re doing… which sounds like a stupid thing to say because obviously they don’t know what they’re doing. They can’t agree on how the country should be funded for the next year, so they’re not funding it at all and everything must close. Oh, except for the national parks in which oil, gas, and mining operations are going on, of course. They will stay open for drilling.

Oh and: “more than 94 percent of the 16,205 public servants at the Environmental Protection Agency are not allowed to go to work. This means that cleanup on 62 percent of the nation’s Superfund sites must be abandoned until a continuing resolution gets passed and funding resumes.” – Climateprogress

So that’s nice isn’t it. Let the planet continue to suffer and die while you argue with each other like raging baboons about MONEY. Which is what it always comes down to in the end. It’s never about LOVE. It’s never, “oh, we can’t shut down the government, idiots, we can’t let this happen because we love our people and our planet!” No. It’s never like that because…. well, I don’t know.

Why isn’t it like that?