VIDEO BLOG: Scuba diving in the Galapagos…

I’ve never seen so many fish in one place as I have in the Galapagos. I did two dives with Academy Bay the other day, and even though bumps that threatened to break the boat stopped us going to our planned dive sites around Floreana, we still had an amazing time and saw some incredible schools of fish, and turtles. Here’s a short video so you can see the amount of fish we got to swim with. AMAZING.

I went to the Galapagos specifically to dive with hammerheads, but it turns out it’s not actually as easy as you might think. I saw one with a snorkel at a place called Kicker Rock on my cruise around the islands. I also saw black tip sharks swimming with golden rays from the pier in Santa Cruz! But when it came to diving, there were none.


Well, to start with, it’s the wrong time of year right now as currents are strong and potentially dangerous. I heard stories of two deaths at Gordon Rocks – a popular dive site that’s plagued by three different currents, resulting in the washing machine effect. Ugh. As much as I wanted to swim with sharks, I also didn’t want to die in my quest.

Secondly, the best diving in the Galapagos can be found at Darwin and Wolf, which are two eroded volcanos located on a volcanic ridge. This is where you’ll see HUNDREDS of hammerheads, apparently, but to visit them you have to be on a liveaboard cruise, as they’re located very far north from the central islands and are normally reached after two or three days sailing from San Cristobel. Yikes. I never knew that. Liveaboards in the Galapagos start at $4000 dollars for 8 days and 17-20 dives, too, so I doubt I’ll ever get there now either. Sigh.

Anyway, scuba diving in the Galapagos was a fab experience and I’m glad I got to do it. I had one of those days you remember forever and also hung out at the stunning Tortuga Bay beach afterwards with my fun dive buddy here:

…and then we sang some excellent (ahem) karaoke with my awesome friend Dani, who I met on the jungle tour. She is a teacher on Santa Cruz so gets to live the Galapagos life every single day! She introduced me to her friends, who are all LOVELY.

Aaaah, I will miss you Galapagos. Thanks for the memories! x

NOTE: There’s heaps more on the Galapagos and all my South American exploits in my travel memoir Latinalicious – The South America Diaries