WARNING: This blog contains pics of girls in big knickers…

Yesterday Autumn and I went for some treatments at the Park Hyatt Mendoza. Mine was a wine therapy body treatment, whereby I was covered from head to toe in an exfoliant and then a cream that allegedly had wine in it.

It smelled like blackcurrants to me, but then I’m no connoisseur. And I rarely smear myself in wine completely, unless I’m REALLY drunk… and then it’s an accident and I’m less about noting the smell and more about getting the wine off whatever white carpet I’ve probably spilled it on as well as my outfit.

Anyway, this spa was particularly fancy and called for some photos. Here I am pensively awaiting the treatment, not really sure what wine therapy involves but looking forward to it all the same.

I might look quite relaxed and carefree here, but no matter how glamorous a spa experience might be, it’s always marred somehow by the thought that underneath that lovely fluffy robe I’m wearing these:

I don’t know about you but to me, complimentary spa knickers feel more like you’re wearing a nappy. And they never fit right either. You always have to stretch them…

…and then the lady who’s giving you your treatment has to fold them into your bum crack so she can smear whatever it is she needs to smear onto your arse.

There’s nothing you can do to make them sexier, really. I mean, you can try…

But yeah…. no… still looks like a nappy. I wonder if men with nappy fetishes will find this blog and start emailing me? Shit, they probably will now that I’ve actually written nappy fetish. Google will totally pick that up.

Oh well. It was a really nice wine therapy treatment in spite of my nappy, and I would recommend it to everyone in Mendoza. Books yours today!

*All pics by Autumn Mooney