Weird stuff in Tokyo (and the death of Snoopy…)

The best views in Tokyo are allegedly from the 45th floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. I took this shot from up there this morning, as a volunteer guide helpfully explained what we were looking at as we took in the panoramic views.

Apparently 10% of Japan’s 13 million population lives in Tokyo, which actually isn’t too hard to believe when you look down on this concrete clusterfuck from above. However, walking around today I bashed into less people and breathed in far fewer exhaust fumes than I’ve been doing in Bali’s Ubud lately. 😮

I said to Noah that Tokyo was quieter and way less hectic than I was expecting it to be and then we agreed that this could indeed be because most of the Japanese are still trying to squeeze their way up Jalan Raya in Ubud, in their tour buses.

Anyway, we found a toy shop called Kiddy Land in Harajuku that excited me more than a view of a concrete tangle because it had canned gourmet foods for sale. Check out these delicious saucy sardines…

…and some braised pork, all in fancy little boxes!

What kid wouldn’t want them for a present? They were conveniently located next to this joyous, if a little nightmare-inducing box of malicious-faced magic mushroom type creatures, trapped in a box not dissimilar to the one I once took my pet hamster Haffertee to school in. I would hope these little critters wouldn’t pee on the teacher’s hands.

You’ll be pleased to know Kiddy Land offers a less sinister Snoopy Town…
…although to be honest the thought of a present of some braised pork in a can combined with the mushroom people had me thinking that perhaps they had a genetically modified Snoopy floating in formaldehyde down there, or Charlie Brown in a cage covered in sardines, so I went back outside and into a park near the Meiji Jingu shrine and watched a uniformed man with a giant broom moving leaves about on a gravel path, which was nice.
Tonight we’re going to a restaurant where ninjas do magic. Yay! Better go get ready….