What happened next: how my KDP Promo boosted sales of my book, and reviews…

For those who saw my recent post on how I used my Amazon KDP free promo days to get 24,000 + downloads without BookBub, I thought I’d add a follow up on how things have gone since. A few people expressed interest in knowing what happened to sales of my new adult romance Before He Was Famous after that promo, so for you guys, here’s what:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.49.56MORE SALES

As you can see, August 14-17 were the free days, but thanks to the boost in Amazon’s rankings, and also perhaps thanks to more people hearing about it, the book was more visible and this contributed to that nice after-promo spike that I’m assuming most people experience.

In my case, I made 77 sales the day the free promo ended and it’s since gone down, and then up, and then down. Before the promo I was making anywhere between 20-40 sales a day. I noticed that Sunday seems to be the day most people buy. This said, perhaps Sunday would be a good day to run a future promo?


One of my main incentives for this promo was of course to raise awareness of book two in my series, but also to get some more reviews on book one. Personally I added a call to action at the back of my Kindle file to review me and email me the URL for the chance to win $100. Since then I’ve seen over 30 more reviews on my book. So I think it’s working. I’ll draw the winner on October 30, although I may run another one right afterwards and keep picking winners every few months. I’m aware, as most authors are, that getting reviews is imperative to the success of a book (good ones, hopefully) as it makes people more aware of your work and also.. if you’re anything like me… gets you closer to your goal of being chosen for a hallowed BookBub newsletter sometime in the future. (One day… ONE DAY I WILL GET THERE!)

There are many posts out there on how to get more reviews for your ebook. I saw one just yesterday by the awesome Lindsay Buroker in fact, who also linked back to my own blog on the KDP promo, (thanks for that!)


I had a nice blog post published in the week by Indies Unlimited on how and why I went from HarperCollins to Indie Publishing. This encouraged some lovely feedback and comments from others in the same boat, and I’ve gone on to add some fabulous new people to my social networks as a result. While I mostly wrote that post because like many others, I’m working my butt off trying to grow with the ever changing publishing industry and want to share what I’ve learnt so far, the added exposure is always good on your way up. I’d highly recommend others pitch ideas to blogs and websites!


It’s now 6 days after my promo ended. As a result I’m far higher in the Amazon charts than I was before, and I’m still in the top 100 of two categories:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.17.58Not bad, eh?!

In case you haven’t gathered, I’m not a big author. To some, selling 77 copies in one day and hovering in the top 2,000 in the charts is probably considered RUBBISH! But hey… we gotta keep climbing that mountain, people 😉

This is my first work of fiction and my first foray into self-publishing. I don’t know if this experience is what most newbies experience, or whether I did better or worse than most, because I couldn’t find all that much information on this before I went about it myself – hence the detailed documentation (hope it helps!) I like that we’re all helping one another through this crazy maze. I’d be interested to know from other people how the free promo days worked out for you?