What I saw today in the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden… A story by Becky Wicks age 32

Today I saw this lady who’d been sliced in half at the tummy and put back together again and I wondered whether she had been attacked by farmers for doing something naughty with their sheep. Then I realised she didn’t learn her lesson because she is still doing it and without any clothes on so really it’s her fault and I shouldn’t feel sad for her.

Then I saw this lady who’d been shat on and she also had no eyes which made me sad.
But then I thought no matter how many times she gets shat on she will always just stand tall and I thought hey, that’s a lesson for us all and then I was happy.

Moving on I saw this lady who was diving into a tree and I was frightened because I thought the world had gone all upside downy and I didn’t want to be walking on the sky because I might be hit by a plane so I turned away and left.

When I went around the corner I saw these lovers who are really muscly and fit except for the fact that they have no hands and this caused me mixed emotions because while I was sad for them, I was happy they found each other.

And then I thought that even the most broken of us can eventually feel complete if we stand in botanical gardens and give praise to the sky and I was definitely more happy than sad so that was good and I didn’t even think any more about the sheep lady. Or the one diving up into the tree.

The end.