What Jeremy did/didn’t do…

This made me laugh today! Jeremy Clarkson’s copping a major bollocking from the British public after saying he saw a Muslim woman wearing saucy underwear beneath her gown when she tripped up and fell over, right in front of his taxi.

Silly Jeremy, you can’t SAY that! Even if it’s true. Which it probably is. That scene in Sex And The City 2, where the women ditch the robes in the middle of the souk to reveal designer garments underneath is based on FACT. I know this. I’ve seen it. I’ve been in malls, lining up beside Muslim women carrying armfuls of clothes I couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams. What makes me think their underwear would be anything other than delicious? Nothing. Nothing makes me think that. And why shouldn’t it be anyway? It’s not like this poor woman meant to reveal her saucy Anne Summers special to a TV presenter in the middle of a crowded street. It’s not like she went running down the road with her robes up to her waist, singing songs about rainbows. She’s not mad. She just fell over. Happens to the best of us. Especially when we wear robes…

Anyway, what bothers ME most about Jeremy’s revelation is that he doesn’t say why he didn’t leap out of the car and offer the poor woman assistance. The poor thing stacked it on the pavement in a totally humilating fashion and he just sat there, gawping.

Apparently, when Jeremy told his little story, he’d been discussing the best way to stop drivers being distracted by female pedestrians, which he reckons, is to cover them all up. Nice one, Jeremy.

But that doens’t matter anyway… there are more pressing things on the public’s mind, like the fact that the debate surrounding who’s allowing burkas to be worn and who isn’t, is getting rather out of hand already. France and Belgium are banning veils, Spain is thinking about it and Britain is, as usual, sitting on the fence, umming, aaahing and trying to be terribly nice to everyone involved, while not really doing much at all.

The Muslim Women’s Network UK have now criticised Top Gear and Jeremy: ‘The debate surrounding the burka is a serious issue which shouldn’t be publicly joked about. Rather than joking about it, we should be having serious dialogue.’

But of course, people are far more likely to listen to saucy songstress Lily Allen, who, as usual, piped up where she wasn’t wanted and labelled the comment ‘distasteful’ via Twitter.

Er… pot, kettle, black?

Lily could do with covering up a bit more, now that we think about it.