What’s wrong/right about wearing a watch that projects notifications directly onto your hand?

Ritot2-640x360I’m excited to read this today… a watch that projects the time, incoming calls, emails and all those random notifications from Twitter and Facebook directly onto your hand. In 2015 you’ll be able to get either a bracelet or a sports band that will shoot all those messages you can’t be arsed to reach for your phone to read, right onto your freakin’ flesh. AWESOME.

But wait. There are several things wrong with this, too, right?

I can’t be the only one thinking… well, what if you’re on a date and you get a call from an ex who you labelled in your phone as ‘BIG WANKER’ or an email from your boss who’s name is DICK, or… I don’t know… I just think there’s a lot that could go wrong as well as right with this. But maybe that’s me. Hmm.

I’m just not sure this isn’t the step that comes before actually getting that little chip in your wrist that makes these things flash up in front of our eyeballs, or at least from under our actual skin.

According to the Mashable article “The Ritot is what the company calls the first projection watch… the company has yet to show off a working prototype. Nevertheless it has already raised nearly $375,000 on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.” So people want this. They really want it!

I think the iWatch sounds safer. At least when it comes to not announcing those troublesome exes on your hands in important places. But it’s all just a little creepy really, isn’t it? *deletes all exes from phone

Read the Mashable article here