When help is unhelpful…

I’ve been thinking about getting into the Australian tourism industry, for the simple reason that it looks like they could use some help. Or maybe it’s just this place in particular. At any rate, someone, somewhere, needs a good talking to about what makes a helpful tourist information pack. Look at what I found the other day in Kiama! Oh god, where to start?!

I do like the sound of a private bathroom though. I mean, don’t you hate it when they put the bathroom in the middle of the lounge, so you have to piss in front of all your mates? I hate that. And a ‘good size refigerator’ (yes, REFIGERATOR, it’s a new way of spelling it) is always better than a bad sized one, I suppose. At least they’ve got some nice things in there, in the centre, where they really grab attention.

It’s a shame that whoever was put in charge of describing it just couldn’t do it. But then, perhaps it’s just so beautiful that there were no words. Perhaps we’re meant to fill in the About Us section ourselves, and write our own customer testimonial up there on the right. If this is the case, it’s really quite an inventive new way of marketing. Raw, on-the-spot and unbiased. I like it!

Still, I might call them up, just in case they did pay someone to write, print and distribute this,… someone who clearly took the money and ran without finishing it. I feel like going to stay in their lovely surfside units just because no one else will. Poor sausages 🙁