When your books make it to YouTube… with the amazing #indiebooksbeseen

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m LOVING this amazing indie author community. I love how supportive everyone is of each other, honestly, there’s just something so nice and warm and cosy about being a part of what feels like some kind of revolution. Mark Shaw is the man behind a movement we’re hashtagging #indiebooksbeseen and since he made my TweetDeck column shine with all things indie and new, and also since I’ve been blogging my self-publishing journey, I’ve met some totally brilliant people… one of whom is Julia here, on the (e)Book Haul YouTube channel.

Big thanks Julia!

Today Before He Was Famous and Before He Was Gone both got shout outs on her YouTube’s (e)Book Haul video. How nice is that! Hopefully she’ll have time to read them soon, the way I hope I’ll soon have time to start on my own MASSIVE list of to-be-read books, which has been building and building lately. Gah! I’ve been writing so much lately that I’m way behind on my reading. *slaps wrist

That is not a balanced diet!

Thankfully I’m off to India soon so I’ll finally get some time off – wahey – let the page-turning/Kindle-swiping commence!

Anyway, I’m super excited for more indie-goodness with #indiebooksbeseen and (e)Book Haul videos. Keep the coolness coming and if you haven’t joined us yet, get involved!