Where to buy your Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries…

If you haven’t been able to get hold of your copy of Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries before now, now is your chance. It has just been released in the U.S which means stocks are hot off the press. Grab them quick before they run out. You can order your copy from Amazon, here!

You can buy it from Indiebound here

And Barnes & Noble here

If you’re in the U.S you should also be able to pick one up at a book shop… if you can find one that hasn’t closed. If they don’t have them in stock, pretty please just ask them to order it. You should have it within a few days.

If you like the book, can I please ask that you write me a nice review on Amazon. It doesn’t even have to be very long. Knowing people like our work gives us writers a lot more confidence going forward as we try to get even better at what we do! And plus, it cancels out the fact that some people might say mean things, just because they can.

Today I’m flying to Quito in Ecuador to start working on book three. Time flies and writers move on, but Burqalicious is still my first born child. Awww.

Thank you so much for your support! ENJOY!


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  1. Dear Becky, wanted you to know that Skyhorse has made your ebook available on the iBooks platform on the iPad (also on the Kindle and the Nook). We’d love to promote the digital edition internationally – can you please email me a current digital headshot when you have a moment?

    And do you by chance have any YouTube videos we could link to, that relate to the book? We’ve found that also helps push both the print and digital editions.

    with best wishes,

    Mia Amato
    Skyhorse Publishing

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