Who lives in a house like this? (hint: me and Autumn, soon)

No, it’s not the set of The Hobbit before the special effects team get hold of it – it’s where me and the awesome Autumn Mooney will be staying when we get to Patagonia for a four-day Wildlife Safari at EcoCamp Patagonia. Suuuuuper excited! It’s a dome! The last time I did anything fun in a dome was probably… EPCOT? I was eleven. Domes are so underrated. There should be more of them.

I don’t think these have rollercoasters in them like the one at EPCOT, because that wouldn’t be very eco-friendly. Unless they’re really tiny rollercoasters powered by flour and pine needles and llama pooh, or unless these domes are actually deceivingly small on the outside and tardis-style massive on the inside. Either way, they do have their own low-emission wood-stoves, an open terrace to read, relax and admire the beeeeaaauuuutiful view and let’s not forget, a state of the art composting toilet. Very important.

We’re almost as excited about staying in our hobbit home/EPCOT rollercoaster-concealing nature dome as we are about seeing all the lovely wildlife and scenery in Patagonia. Like this:

Bring it on!  Patagonia looks amaaaazing and so does the EcoCamp Patagonia. Now… how to get to Chile from Argentina…