Why did a big six publisher refuse to help promote their author’s book? (and how YOU can help it make Amazon’s top 100 instead)


My fellow author’s publisher, Pan Macmillan, managed to work their magic and get her new book Come Back To Me into Amazon.co.uk’s summer promotion, where it’s now just 99p. As a result of a LOT of her own work on top, she’s at #140 in the Paid Kindle Store, whoo hoo!

It’s getting awesome reviews, (because it’s a great book!) and it’s currently at #4 in the erotica list. It’s hot on the heels of Fifty Shades, almost at the top spot (even though it’s not actually erotica) 

But get this.

When author in question, Mila Gray, asked Pan Macmillan to promote it or tweet about it, they said ‘sorry, we can’t for legal reasons,’ which probably means that they can’t mention the brands Amazon or Kindle in their social media campaigns. This really sucks, because if they did send out a few of those branded Pan Macmillan tweets, they would really have the power to push this book into the top 100, (and the number one spot for erotica, perhaps). But they can’t. Which is a shame. And a little bit silly, don’t you think?

If a book makes it into the top 100, chances are it will stay there, and for an author that would be the most wonderful thing ever; especially for this one, because she spends a lot of time doing really nice things for fans, like this

While on the one hand, you need a publisher to snag one of those lovely Amazon summer promotions, when the publisher can’t help the author promote this promotion, it does make you wonder what the point is.

It’s no wonder so many people are now turning to self-publishing. (Just saying).

Anyway, let’s do the work ourselves, without a big six, and get it into the top 100! Share this post, or tweet this deal to be a really lovely, helpful, kind person. x

IMAGE borrowed from Aestas Book Blog – read the review here and check out other great new releases!