Why I love my friend Evan…

I love my friend Evan because he is AWESOME, but I love him even more now because as I was sleeping, dreaming about chickens living in pink floating cages powered by helium balloons and perhaps maybe even drooling just a bit on my pillow, he was fixing up my photo somewhere in America.

Don’t you love different timezones?

As I was sleeping, Evan decided to be very kind and set to work photoshopping the tourist’s stupid fat finger from our otherwise wonderful photo, (see previous post).

As soon as I woke up, I could enjoy a finger-free memory of the lovely time me and my other awesome friend Dan had yesterday, standing in a waterfall.

Well, almost. As you can see, there’s a tiny set of fingers still visible in the right hand side of the frame. But those don’t bother me; they just serve as a reminder of the GIANT finger that is no longer blocking most of our picture… and as a reminder of how useful we can be, when we’re not lying in bed dreaming of chickens and helium balloons.

Thanks Evan! xxx

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