Why I love Palermo, Buenos Aires…

Walking round Palermo in Buenos Aires there are lots of things to do… like get poor very very quickly. The shopping here is probably some of the best in the city. Today I was looking at leather wallets because my Galapagos purse featuring a blue footed booby is too small to hold these bulging wads of pesos (shame), when I was distracted by this tree.

I love this tree.  I mean, I LOVE this tree. It’s a tree with a sock on. How often do you see trees wearing giant socks? I’m willing to bet hardly any of you have seen a tree wearing a sock before. I definitely hadn’t before today.

I looked at it for at least five minutes, which is a really long time, and then I forgot all about the nice, expensive wallet I was going to buy, which is probably not what the shop keeper intended when she sat by the fire and knitted this tree sock, but that’s her fault isn’t it.

Another reason why Palermo is awesome is because last night in a bar called Soria (Gorriti y Thames) I saw this picture, which for some reason reminded me and my new friends Marta and Jason of the movie Beetlejuice.

We looked at this for at least five minutes each but did not forget to buy some alcoholic drinks, so the bar staff did a good job all round.

I love Palermo!