Why I’ll Miss Saigon…

bicyclesWell, actually, I’ll miss all of Vietnam but who can refuse a good pun when the opportunity arises? Looking back at the three or so weeks we spent in Vietnam, I feel soooo grateful to have been able to do so many amazing things (the Sapa O’Chau trip, and the Easy Rider trip with Bo, especially) but our last few days in Saigon with the wonderful Rosie and Rick were a wicked send-off. Above you can see us looking extremely provincial on some bikes with baskets.

And here we all are below, enjoying yet more yummy street food.

pho feast

My arms weren’t quite long enough to get all of us in.

Anyway, I first met Rick and Rosie in Dubai when we all lived a luxurious lifestyle of fast cars, gourmet food and growing fatter. They were lovely enough to welcome me and my friend Noah into their fabulous old-style Vietnamese wooden house and show us how different life is in Saigon, compared to the UAE. Look at their gorgeous courtyard, complete with bike collection and serene Buddha.


We also hit up a karaoke place. You can’t get rowdy at Karaoke back in Dubai really… at least not in the same way as you can in Saigon. Rick even stood ON THE SEATS in the specially themed Audi room. Gasp. Also, we didn’t pay for karaoke. In Vietnam it’s so popular they let you into their rooms to sing for free, as long as you buy drinks. Imagine! If this had been the case back in the UK I would have literally moved into a karaoke room and never come out.

ric karaoke

Neither can men lift airplanes in Dubai, like Noah did on our visit to the War Remnants Museum. This was a pretty sobering place, showing hundreds of photos of the devastation caused by the American phase of the Vietnam War. Check out the guns. (The good ones, I mean, ugh).


I also saw the biggest bowl of pho EVER. Which was nice. Even though it was made of plastic.


Although Rosie preferred this little fish…


Ah Vietnam I will miss you, and I will Miss Saigon (sorry). Huuuuge thanks to Rick and Rosie for showing us the place in style before we packed our bags for Bali! xx

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  1. Ahhh Becky you are making me so desperate to get there! 2014 it will happen!! Excited to get all of your tips and insights and curious to hear what your plans are next.

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