Why Justin Bieber should live in Space…

article-0-1BB3608A00000578-464_634x423Justin Bieber will be living in this FUCKING MASSIVE SPACESHIP for three months, so says the Daily Mail today. At first I thought perhaps the article was about his long overdue decision to be a test monkey set to live for an extended period in another galaxy, but no, no… sadly, this spaceship is in Atlanta’s wealthy Buckhead neighbourhood. On Planet Earth.


“TMZ report that Bieber is enjoying an extended stay at the secluded property in order to be near his mentor Usher, who lives close by with his children.”

I bet Usher’s reeeeeeeally happy with that. I wonder if his kids call him Uncle Bieber. I wonder if they base their looks on him yet, or pick up waitresses from Hooters and take them home for a private show, or throw tomatoes at people’s houses, just like Uncle Biebs. Aww. Bless.

Anyway. Just sayin’. If this trial run works out, maybe we can send Justin Bieber off on a REAL spaceship. Oh, can we? Can we?