Willy Wonka Kids All Grown Up…

How funny is this?! I used to love this movie – it was shown pretty much every single Christmas in the UK, and probably a load more times throughout the year. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was an instant cult classic, probably because it’s everyone’s dream to see and play inside such a magical place! But look at the kids now!

On the left there is the guy who played Charlie Bucket, Peter Ostrum. He’s now a vet, living in New York.  You can still see that little Charlie Bucket mouth underneath that massive tache… unless that’s one of the creatures he couldn’t save at his surgery? Yikes!

The lady who played the gum-chewing blueberry bloater Violet Beauregard is now 54 and works as an accountant for an engineering plant. She recently admitted all that gum gave her such bad teeth that she got 13 cavities. Never realised what a blessing sugar-free gum was, eh?

There are more piccies of the cast here on The Daily Mail site… I just love this stuff, seeing TV and movie stars how they used to be compared to how they are now. Only two of them are still in showbiz – Mike TV and Veruca Salt. The rest have slipped back into normality.

They are ALL legends though, obviously. Makes me wanna watch the movie….