Worst hotels in Bali, ever. Where to avoid at all costs…

It’s so depressing having to write this but I’m feeling quite upset and while I will always love Bali I will be avoiding the south at all costs after this. We tried to book nice places for our last few days but have had the worst experience of our whole trip in Uluwatu and Kuta, all because of general incompetence and bad attitudes, and I’ve gotta say it, cowboys.

We paid $70 a night to say in the Noah Villa in Uluwatu, which was a lot but we got a cooked breakfast and WIFI and a pool to sit by so we thought it would be worth it. Plus it had an Ark for Noah!


When we arrived the WIFI wasn’t working and we were told it wouldn’t be the whole time we were there. I had work to do and we weren’t in walking distance of anything else. Sorry, but you have my email, can you not let me know your WIFI is down after I book via Agoda?

Anyway, we were offered a driver to make up for it which was nice, although just for one day. We didn’t know it was just for one day so he took us to another restaurant for breakfast and that was about it. Why did we not have our cooked breakfast at Noah Villa? Because it was a cold soggy mess served beneath cling film.

Cling film. Really?

The room service menu was a bunch of Italian dishes, most of which we couldn’t understand and which the people at Noah Villa couldn’t interpret either. Turned out they got their food delivered from a local restaurant, copied their menu and just jacked up the price for bringing it to our door once it arrived. We know this because a pizza arrived on a plate, yet still in its Gorgonzola Restaurant pizza box. Hmmm.

A bit pissed off at paying so much for not much at all we booked another hotel in Kuta before our flight to Tokyo in the (very early) morning. I’m telling you now, avoid the Bali Sandy Resort at all costs. We walked into our “superior” room having paid $45 a night and it was instantly obvious it was more of a $10 a night room. I know this because I’ve stayed in lots of them.

20130615-214251.jpgThere was no plasma TV as promised. There were black stains on the sheets. The WIFI didn’t work. The shower which was stuck at Hobbit height on the filthy bathroom wall broke when Noah had a shower so we called the guy who came to the room, pulled the cheap pipe out of the rusty tap and walked off with it while IGNORING me as I stood there asking if the manager was around.

He then came back with a new shower hose and banged around in the bathroom for about an hour, and all of this before a 4am start to catch a flight… for which the guy at reception was most unwilling to help us book a taxi, saying it was too early.

I’ve travelled a lot and booked a LOT of hotels and I can honestly say that so far, the south of Bali is the worst value for money, has the worst service and has made me more upset than anywhere. Sorry to be so negative and to (quite possibly) sound like a spoilt brat having another white whine but to experience this kind of thing in a place you want to love and show off to a visiting friend leaves a bitter taste.

I’d like to add that I use TripAdvisor and Agoda a lot, and on both these occasions the photos and descriptions on Agoda have been very misleading. To avoid these things yourself always cross check your Agoda bookings with TripAdvisor reviews and photos. I know I will.

Right, with that moan over, it’s off to Japan!

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  1. That is awful and really puts such a downer on the end of your stay in Bali.
    My mum is there at the moment – she too also loves your book “Balilicious ”
    If she had known you needed a bed I’m sure she would have loved to have you stay the night .


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