Would you live in a house like this? (Futuristic homes that get me thinking)…


Well you might have to, in the future. “Commissions for Utopia,” is a series of scenes set in a futuristic North Korea as imagined by a young architect.  Interestingly in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the role of an “architect” is classed as a government job. It’s not considered so much creative as it is essential!

There are no private projects for architecture in North Korea, so architects come right out of school with only a little bit of an idea about how things work. The guy who designed these eco-friendly houses was given a rare outside commission to put his ideas to the masses. I had no clue that Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city, was built from the ground-up as a socialist utopia. Kind of makes me want to check it out. Check out the original post here

This got me thinking about other possibilities for houses in the future. I’d quite like to live in this tornado-proof home!


Or this one, designed for arid environments. Depending on the amount of sun, residents can make skylights and windows less or more transparent. It kind of reminds me of a rolled up laptop or something:


The best one however would be this full on water palace! This amazing design concept by Deep Ocean Technology in Poland, puts an 11,000 square foot space under 33 feet of water. It’s part submarine, basically. Amazing! There’s a diving center, open terraces above water and a spa. As if living in the ocean isn’t enough on its own. You’ll be pleased to know that for safety, the disc-shaped dwelling comes away from the main house and works perfectly as a lifeboat.


Roll on future! I’m ready to move when you build it. I’ll take one of each please – if you’re looking for trial residents?